Leon's Cubes: Disintegrating Masterclass

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Disintegrating Masterclass

It's the moment for the Masterclass assignment, which brief is set by industry professional which this year gave us more than enough interesting reasons to lock ourselves inside an animation labs for two weeks. I decided to tackle the Double Negative brief, which consists in disintegrating a Zombie (always them) developing a realistic and original effects.

I did not even have a choice. Cubes were the way to go (altough, to be honest, my first lookdev was about a black hole beam which I would find featured in Thor 2, but anyway). More details about its implementation are in the Vimeo description. What can I say? A fun (and hectic) project to work on, the Double Negative guys enjoyed this little minecraft beam after we visited their dark lair for feedback, I learned a few things or two about cloth deformers and particles, and everyone was happy. Apart from the zombie.

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