Leon's Cubes: June 2011

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Annecy 2011

What a great week! Me, Simone and Tuomo decided to follow our guts and drill trough the English Channel and France (I will have nightmares about rush hour trains for a while now) to get to Annecy Animation Festival - One of the biggest festivals in the world.

The whole experience was just amazing - 3 days of pure animation and brilliant crativity floating trough every hole. I've got the chance to meet artists from Disney, Dreamworks, and Pixar (including Enrico Casarosa which screened the latest, unseed Pixar Short, La Luna, AAAAHHH) and dammit, I can tell you that's some effective way to get motivated.

Can you find Wald... erm, I mean, Leon?

Also, I got drenched the most in my life after rain caught me (and other 1000 people) under the Tour Eiffel, but that's a secondary detail.

Meet the Hoverbob

Summer is starting, exams are over and this means that animators can come to contact with this rare specimen called "free time" once again. Grabbing the chance to work on some personal stuff... this little guy down here, for example, is my frst proper rigging experiment. Controls are simple, but they get the work done. Incredible how only one eye is capable of so much expression...