Leon's Cubes: Slow-Mo Summer

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Slow-Mo Summer

Sadly I am not talking about slow-mo dinners in the Sicilian countryside, but about me partecipating in the BFX, a visual effect competition for students taking part across Bournemouth, the same city that gifted me three enjoyable years of university life.

It was fun to welcome foreign students to the same labs we spit so much pain in and watching them growing a familiar love/hate relationship with them. It was a bit more fun to have VFX themed barbeques.

I joined a team made of former coursemates of mine, working on a sci-fi inspired short pieces where a man uses a time bending device to escape a shooting happening inside a pub, providing us with a mere excuse to trigger computer animated destruction.

Watch a small breakdown of the VFX I developed in Houdini for the project:

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