Leon's Cubes: BlackJack: Animatic & Maquette

Sunday, January 29, 2012

BlackJack: Animatic & Maquette

Arr, sailors! Grab 'yer grog and weigh in, we're talking about Pirate Beavers here. I've granted BlackJack an animatic for his own story made of adventure, treasure maps and... well, you'll see.

Also, I finished his maquette! Jeez, he should be a fearful pirate, but he's so damn cute! :3 Expect a mass toy production. Or maybe not.

This was quite fun to make, and I must say it doesn't look like an unholy blob at all. And yes, the protein shake was delicious. Dark moments when I tried to glue him to the base, having his legs cracking off under the weight of his awesomeness - "Oh, now he got two peg legs" (Cit.) - But as I say, live and learn. Here are some work in progress shots:

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